Experiential Learning Opportunities

ShieldAlthough classes have officially ended for the year, many of our students are working just as hard this summer as they do during the semester. Summer internships and research projects provide an excellent way for students to continue their educational experience throughout the year, and opportunities abound at Hood College.

Brielle Rozmus, a rising junior majoring in law and criminal justice, is spending part of her summer conducting research on the League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to effecting policy change that promotes women.

Earlier this year, Brielle sought advice about applying to legal internships from Dr. Hoda Zaki, a professor of political science and coordinator of the nonprofit and civic engagement studies minor, which Brielle is pursuing alongside her major. During their meeting, Dr. Zaki raised the idea of collaborating on a summer research project. “I jumped at the chance to work with her,” said Brielle.

The Frederick County branch of the League of Women Voters was founded in the late 1950s by graduates of Hood College to help inform public policy in the surrounding area. Throughout this summer, Brielle and the other members of her research team will be going through old issues of local newspapers and examining microfilm to learn more about the organization’s impact in Frederick.

Many members of other departments on campus are pursuing exciting summer opportunities as well. Rising junior Elias Nicholson and recent graduate Karina Stetsyuk have both been accepted to the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where they will join STEM students from other colleges and universities to gain hands-on experience and conduct research under the guidance of mentors.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office has hired rising senior Andrew Catone as a summer intern, and Olivia Peterson, a rising junior who is studying history, will be an intern for the National Park Service. Rising senior Telka Schmidt, who is an integrated marketing communications major, will be interning at SONY Records in New York.